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Horizontal Quilting Embroidery Machine(single width)
Functions / Specifications:
● Quilt and Embroider (12-18 needles) horizontally alongside the width of fabric. Especially for the horizontal and  straight quilting & embroidery designs on the fabric.
● The machine adopted large rotary hook to make neat stitches and with lower noise, and effectively reduced defects such as miss stitches, loose stitches, coarse stitches, etc.
● Quilt&embroidery completed simutaneously.
● Use 2 independent servo motors to control movement in Y direction and repair independent patterns, that effectively solved the pattern distortion caused by sewing 2 rolls of materials with different shrinkage, thickness on the machine and sewing different patterns on the 2 rolls of different materials.
● The integral steel structure machine frame with higher intensity and stability.
● Infrared protection device in all direction make machine operation more safe and relaible.
● Function of independent patterns interval quilting, adopting Tensile Motor to keep the fabric smooth at the inlet and outlet fabrics.
● Main axis and XY axis are all adopted the Servo Motor.
● Function of under and upper thread auto detector, red light displayed on the thread broken position.
● Function of edit patterns on the equipment directly, and convenient to read the embroidery format.
● Stitches between 1mm-12.7mm adjustable, Sewing Speed: 800-1000/R.P.M.
● Safe operation display of quilting and embroidery; Automatic needle run-up and orientantion brake system.
● Function of pattern patch-up, can efficiently solve the distorted patterns when quilting the thick materials.
● Prepared plenty patterns for your choice.

Products YBD18
N/C/H 18(Single width)
Needle Distance 50.8mm
X Area 1650mm
Stitch Distance 1mm~12.7mm
Needle Type 9#~16#
Working Width 1600mm
Speed 700R.P.M~900R.P.M
Power Supply AC220/380V,50Hz
Power 5kw
Machine Size L4700*W1950*H1750(mm)
Packing Size L4700*W2300*H1750(mm)

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Product Video:
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Pattern sample show of quilting embroidery: